I’m really passionate about teaching, it is one of my favorite activities is my work as an academic! On this page, you’ll find lists of the courses I’ve been involved in and the students I supervised.

To learn more about my teaching philosophy, have a look at my teaching statement.



Ongoing [ D ] Alexander Dietmüller
Ongoing [ D ] Tobias Bühler
2021 [ S ] Zhengqing Liu
    Replication of `Data Driven Connectivity’ in P4
2021 [ S ] Kévin Selänne
    Process Mining for Networking
2021 [ B ] Fredrik Nestaas
    In Search of Network Shifts
2020 [ M ] Raphael Schnider
    Pushing the Internet to the Edge
2019 [ M ] Anna-Brit Schaper
  Truth be told: Benchmarking BLE and IEEE 802.15.4
2019 [ S ] Jan Müller
    Low-Power Network Design: Work Hard, Play Hard (I)
2019 [ S ] Anna-Brit Schaper
    Low-Power Network Design: Work Hard, Play Hard (II)
2019 [ S ] Antonios Koskinas
    Is low-power wireless networking a reproducible science?
2018 [ M ] Jonathan Candel
    Dynamic Range Low-power Wireless Protocols for Environmental Monitoring
2018 [ M ] Jonas Bächli
  Creating a Flexible Middleware for Low-Power Flooding Protocols
2017 [ S ] Andreas Biri
    Unleashing the Potential of Real-Time Internet of Things
2017 [ S ] Alexander Dietmüller
    Fault-Tolerance Mechanisms for Glossy-Based Wireless Communication Networks
2017 [ S ] Fabian Walter
    Real-Time Network Functions for the Internet of Things
2016 [ S ] Jonas Bächli
    A Protocol Gateway for the Internet of Things