Selected publications

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  • What Keeps Your Network up at Night?
    Röllin, Lukas and Jacob, Romain and Vanbever, Laurent
    CoNEXT 2023: Companion of the 19th International Conference on Emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies, 2023

  • Does Rate Adaptation at Daily Timescales Make Sense?
    Jacob, Romain and Lim, Jackie and Vanbever, Laurent
    2nd Workshop on Sustainable Computer Systems Design and Implementation (HotCarbon 2023), 2023

  • Enhancing Global Network Monitoring with Magnifier
    Bühler, Tobias and Jacob, Romain and Poese, Ingmar and Vanbever, Laurent
    NSDI, 2023

  • Oscilloscope: Detecting BGP Hijacks in the Data Plane
    Bühler, Tobias and Milolidakis, Alexandros and Jacob, Romain and Chiesa, Marco and Vissicchio, Stefano and Vanbever, Laurent
    arXiv, 2023

  • A New Hope for Network Model Generalization
    Dietmüller, Alexander and Ray, Siddhant and Jacob, Romain and Vanbever, Laurent
    HotNets, 2022

  • The Internet of Tomorrow Must Sleep More and Grow Old
    Jacob, Romain and Vanbever, Laurent
    HotCarbon, 2022

  • Designing Replicable Networking Experiments With Triscale
    Jacob, Romain and Zimmerling, Marco and Boano, Carlo Alberto and Vanbever, Laurent and Thiele, Lothar
    Journal of Systems Research , 2021

  • The Time-Triggered Wireless Architecture
    Jacob, Romain and Zhang, Licong and Zimmerling, Marco and Beutel, Jan and Chakraborty, Samarjit and Thiele, Lothar
    ECRTS, 2020

  • Feedback Control Goes Wireless: Guaranteed Stability over Low-power Multi-hop Networks
    Mager, Fabian and Baumann, Dominik and Jacob, Romain and Thiele, Lothar and Trimpe, Sebastian and Zimmerling, Marco
    ICCPS, 2019

  • Overview of Discrete Event Systems Opacity: Models, Validation, and Quantification
    Jacob, Romain and Lesage, Jean-Jacques and Faure, Jean-Marc
    Annual Reviews in Control , 2016