Pledge to Open Science

I am convinced that some practices in science needs to change.

I am not the kind a person that waits for others to do what I consider important.
Therefore, and inspired by Erin McKiernan, I hereby pledged to watch my own actions and commit to openness.

  • I will not edit, review, or work for closed or hybrid access journals or conferences.
  • I will publish only in open access journals or conferences; at least when I am the lead author.
  • I will post pre-prints, when possible.
  • I will promote open review principles.
  • I will use open-source software, when possible; if not, I will favor license-free software.
  • I will share code and other artifacts, when possible.
  • I will share raw and curated data.
  • I will promote the DORA principles, and in particular…
  • I will use CRediT and publish a contributor’s record with all my research outputs.
  • I will encourage professional societies to support open access.
  • I will communicate about my research to the grand public.
  • I will speak out about my choices.
  • I will regularly and honestly assess my fulfillment to this pledge.

This pledge is available and citable with a DOI via OSF.

I discussed this pledge on the radio show Doctor You in September 2019.
  Podcast (~40min)

If I am going to “make it” in science, it has to be on terms I can live with.
– Erin McKiernan

The best thing to do with your data will be thought of by someone else.
– Rufus Pollock

Papers are not “the thing” that matters, they are just the advertisement for the thing.
– Ian M. Mitchell, rephrasing David Donoho