The eMedusa

Smart objects are part of our lives. Everything gets connected and continuously exchanges information. More information about our tastes and habits let the objects around us provide better, tailored services. We dream of simpler and happier lives.

But this may also be a daunting prospect. Aren’t fictions like 1984, or The Matrix turning into reality? The speed of changes can be petrifying! The risk is to see things go out of control. This is why scientists need to understand better how to use new technology, such that it helps to make our like easier; not turning the dream into nightmare.

This picture shows an experiment to measure the precision of time synchronization between different radios. In wireless communication, precise timing is key to minimize energy consumption, which is a major challenge for the future of connected objects. A logic analyzer (the petrifying Medusa's head) is used to monitor the operations of 8 radios, which are synchronizing themselves wirelessly.

the eMedusa

Connected Objects – The Monsters of the Digital Age? © 2018, Romain Jacob

Picture submitted at the 2019 SNSF Scientific Image Competition, which encourages researchers working in Switzerland to present their works to the public and the media.